Location: Wenatchee, WA

Status: Ongoing

The modernization and addition to Abraham Lincoln Elementary School provide students with a state of the art learning environment.  The 46,000 SF of existing building space will be completely modernized and reconfigured to promote flexible learning techniques and improve circulation throughout the building.   A newly constructed 35,000 SF addition will provide the school with a new classroom wing, community learning spaces, designated music and art rooms, a full-size gymnasium, and an administration office with a secure entry.
  Upgrades to the building include all new floor finishes, tack-able wall surfaces, custom sliding whiteboard storage units, acoustical ceiling tile systems, doors and windows, asphalt roofing, and fiber cement board siding.  Along with cosmetic upgrades, the school will receive improvements to the electrical system, building system controls, energy efficient LED light fixtures, classroom projectors, and wireless capabilities, sound insulation, and water efficient plumbing fixtures.  Throughout the design process, Forte Architects worked closely with the staff to determine how the building would best help teachers function not only for the near future but also to allow for flexibility as teaching techniques change through time. 

Abraham Lincoln Elementary