Location: East Wenatchee, WA

Status: Ongoing

The Alpine Aviation Hangers, conceptual at this time, are designed to handsomely accommodate the overflow of private jets experienced at Pangborn Airport and Pangborn Business park. 

The steel structures offer large bi-fold bay doors, and proportionally correct interior height-to-width ratios to accommodate all types of private aircraft. Specially designed mechanical systems will be introduced to regulate and maintain interior temperatures during the scorching summers and mid winters. Through hands-on owner-architect collaboration, Forte has designed three distinct interior layouts to best enhance the jet owner’s experience while waiting for take-off, or even hosting large scale events. The interior suite offers aviation inspired design cues in the lounge area, a luxury kitchen space, a large bathroom and shower, an upper viewing deck, and locking storage areas. Each suite will be appointed with semi-customizable luxury finishes to best suit the needs of the jet owners and be fully accommodating for their pilots and guests.

Alpine Aviation Hangars