Location: Wenatchee, WA                              Status: Complete

Atlas Fare began as a remodel of 2,700 Square Feet of the NE portion, on the main level of the Metropolitan Building located on Wenatchee Avenue in downtown Wenatchee. The new restaurant would consist of an entry/waiting area, main dining area, private dining, bench seating area, lounge area with focal wall, bar, commercial kitchen and back of house area. The vast majority of the space, excluding the kitchen would operate with an open-flow concept, with various spaces being separated but cohesive by visual, lighting and sound design elements as well as table and chair arrangement.


The design scheme for Atlas Fare was intended for warm-industrial. The aim of the space was to design a fresh, inviting, contemporary restaurant, serving fantastic fusion cuisine with an upscale and incomparable, yet approachable vibe.

                                        Atlas Fare