Location: Wenatchee, WA

Status: Complete

Built in 1930 as Wenatchee’s first Hudson dealership, 240 North Wenatchee Avenue has been through many lives.  After the dealership relocated, the building was an auto shop, tire store, printing shop, Wood n’ Things, a furniture retailer, a nightclub and a second-hand store.  Forte Holdings acquired the building in July, 2015 and completely removed the damage done by the nightclub and second-hand store.  The facade was refurbished and new entrances were installed.  The interior was easily transformed into an open plan office with conference rooms, restrooms and shower room, and a kitchen.  The original interior elements, such as the brick walls and massive wood trusses, were left exposed.  Floors were scrapped to remove a coat of old carpet glue and black paint, leveled and new carpet installed.  Skylights were installed where skylights had been originally installed and later covered.  New LED lighting was installed throughout and the building completely re-wired.  Forte Architects moved into the building in September, 2015.

Forte Architects Office