Location: Brewster, WA

Status: Complete

The Rustic-Chic elements of the Gamble Sands Golf Clubhouse were directly inspired by the ranch-like setting of the project surroundings. The facility rests atop a raised plateau overlooking the picturesque rolling hills of Brewster Valley.  The thematic approach to “welcoming comfortability” of the new facility is cohesive both inside and out. This is achieved by utilizing a combination of reclaimed lumber accents, stamped concrete floors, and the timeless silhouette of the double gable roof.
The clubhouse is approximately 50 feet by 60 feet in length and programmed to maximize versatility. Versatility is key because the building contains a restaurant/bar, locker rooms, retail spaces, as well as office spaces. Large overhangs of the double gable roof and extending pergolas provide comfortably shaded exterior spaces to further enhance the clubhouse’s ability to hold events.

Gamble Sands Clubhouse