Location: Omak, WA

Status: Complete

Okanogan Behavioral HealthCare recognized that mentally ill and chemically dependent, low-income individuals in the Omak area had a need for emergency housing and independent living units. The Supportive Therapeutic Housing Project helps to ensure that these individuals are not institutionalized, in treatment centers or jails, due to the lack of these facilities. The project provides 20 beds of emergency housing, located in 10 dormitory-style rooms along with shared shower rooms, a commercial kitchen, dining area, and community living area. Nine independent living units have small kitchenettes and private bathrooms. All residents can receive counseling and services through the existing OBHC facility, located on a neighboring site.

Okanogan Behavioral HeathCare determined prior to the project start that providing an environmentally sustainable, healthy environment for its residents was a high priority. In addition, the project was required to comply with the Evergreen Standards, which requires that housing in Washington State use resources and energy efficiently. Forte Architects’ design allowed the client to meet and exceed this criterion. This project is funded through the State of Washington Housing Trust Fund, USDA, and private grants.

OBHC Supportive Therapeutic Housing