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Location: Wenatchee, WA

Status: Complete

Forte's main goal for Parkside Facility was to modernize the buildings from an early assisted care living center and skilled nursing facility, Parkside Facility is the perfect location for its new tenants: Regional Support Network, Recovery Innovations, and the Women's Resource Center. 


Inside the building, Forte rearranged community spaces and added corridors to open up the floor plan and encourage mobility between counseling and community gathering areas. This 41,187 SF facility was also required to undergo an intense Hazardous Materials Abatement. 


Apart from the interior renovations, the parking, and vast landscape areas have been redesigned to best suit the needs of the future tenants. This includes easy access to emergency and ADA parking where it is needed most, as well as several large landscaping areas that will benefit the surrounding neighborhood.


A new roof membrane and redesigned fascia will bring the exterior of the building to a modern appearance as well as supply an efficient stormwater drainage system, which the building had been lacking. 

Parkside Facility Renovations 

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