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Location: Wenatchee                                     Status: Complete

Sagebrush Dental was a project rooted in healthcare design innovation and quality patient care. The client for this space was very keen to integrate a lean and contemporary approach to dentistry, thus it was our aim to parallel that concept in the architectural design of the space.


The goal was to maximize the efficiency of movement for both dentist and patient, while also creating a calming and welcoming environment for everyone in the office. We paired calming, neutral tones with natural finishes to ensure a welcoming and soothing space with a contemporary and efficient space planning model, so that dentist and hygienist are able to maximize important time with their patients and less time traveling from point A to point B.


The ultimate hope is that children and adults will feel comfortable in this space, and be confident that they are receiving the highest level of care.

                               SageBrush Dental

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