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Location: Wenatchee, WA

Status: Complete

The existing Convention Center provides approximately 50,000 SF of gathering space. The purpose of a convention center is to attract and host large scale and grand events. The dated themes currently existing throughout these spaces need modernization.
The City of Wenatchee commissioned Forte Architects to provide interior updates to the two largest performance gathering spaces:
Ballroom Space
To enhance the ballroom space located on the upper level, new acoustic ceiling clouds were installed along with elegant ambient pendent chandeliers, lighting, and acoustic panel wall treatments , as well as new carpet throughout the ballroom and its adjacent auxiliary reception area.
Exhibit Space
The exhibit space, located on the lower level, was a spatial challenge due to the twenty-seven foot ceiling height. Forte Architects worked closely with the clients in order to establish a design fitting for a convention center exhibit space. The ceiling height has been lowered to twenty-two feet and treated with a Tegular wood grill ceiling system. This system was specifically chosen to create a sense of warmth and welcome within the otherwise lifeless and disproportionate space. The walls will be receiving decorative acoustic panels, elegant sconces, a protective chair rail with wainscoting, and new carpet throughout the exhibit space and surrounding reception areas.

Wenatchee Convention Center

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